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Weddings are the private affair but there is no denying fact that they are the memories to be posted on the social media where the world looks at you. From flowers and invitations to dresses and decor. Consider these 2021 winter wedding color schemes as you make final preparations.

Try out some of the most trending “Winter Wedding Colors”

Deep Purple and Champagne- Completely Royal

A rich eggplant, plum and whine tone highlighted with a blushing pink champagne adds warmth and style to a winter wedding. The dark wine can be reflected in the formalwear and Dark Purple on tablecloths. Brighten the scene with champagne-colored bouquets, boutonnières Turbans and bow ties for the men with classic white shirts.

White, Metallic and Red- Old school

A classic blend of snow white mixed with a flash of gold or silver is elegant for any winter celebration and looks great reflected in your florals. Metallic table vases filled with white roses are stunning. Add a pop of color by dressing the ladies in crimson gowns, Saries, Dresses etc with bold matching vests for the gents along with a mix of white and black Tuxedos, Suites or sherwanis.

Pewter and Green 

A wedding party donning a polished, matte metal hue Suites or Tuxedos with variant green turbans for men paired with dark forest, Emerald and bottle green dresses for women looks elegant against an outdoor winter backdrop for formal wedding portraits. The metallic pewter can easily be highlighted in the place settings at dinner and again in bold statement jewelry and accessories, like cufflinks etc.

Blue and White- Never goes wrong

Rich cobalt and slate blue are the colors of the season when it comes to cool-weather weddings. Flaunt it in the men’s tuxedos and the ladies’ dresses when pairing it with classic white accessories, such as plush wraps for the bridesmaids and crisp dress shirts for the groomsmen. And flowers? Blue orchids, of course! Add those 50 shades of blue to you turbans for all age groups.

Mixed Berries- Fresh Riot of colors

Instead of focusing on one or two colors, pick a color family (like red) and use a mix of related colors! Try raspberry, cherry, blueberry, blackberry, and plums. Mix as many of these tones into the turbans for men, dupattas, dresses, and drapes for women, with classy white and pink kurtas and shirts for men for those pre wedding functions like Sagan, Mahendi and Sangeet. Add the same family of colors to bouquets, table centerpieces, and venue decor.

Neutrals and Black

Love a clean, crisp look? Mix several shades of white and ivory for a monotone palette. For the men in the group, you can’t go wrong with classic black-and-white tuxedos trimmed with white rose. Dress the bridesmaids and women in the family in elegant black paired with white pearls. Let the Bride standout in a modern lenga or dress in the pastel colors of rose pink, Grey, lilac or peach !

Rose Pink and Peaches – Favourite for Anand karaj

Nothing better than rose, carrot and baby pinks along with some hints of yellow and peaches for the turbans – Indian or Indo western ensembles for men and similar color schemes’ for dresses, suites or drapes for women. Whites and yellows for the décor for the perfect sunny day functions.

Colorful- Break all rules

Go crazy with shocking pink, electric blue, purple, reds and go on make your own rules and combos for a perfect pre wedding day functions and explode the social media.
Are you ready to get your imagination to reality and pick out the formalwear for the men in your bridal party?

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